Avoiding Media Hysteria on Security Issues

An insightful comment from user 537420 about leaked info on security issues. His careful work of speculation offers a good counterpoint to the idea of looming national disaster from reports of leaked info. Some things you read are true, some things stretch credibility so far as to genuinely fail to hold up to patient scrutiny.


Government Data Breach Insanity

The latest breach of millions of HR records is the definition of insanity. You have the NSA, the top hacker group in the world, and a protection system now absurdly named EINSTEIN and no real technical results in terms of security protection. Given that the government has been doing research on the foundations of Internet technology for the last 48 years, one thing is obvious. The switch to digital systems for sensitive information was grossly premature and a regression to paper-based systems would be the most prudent security measure.

Energy Fusion Ball

You have a round ball and inside this ball is nothing but air. The ball is smooth and round on the outside and hollow on the inside. Kind of like a Ferrero Rocher once you take out the candy center leaving the crunchy outside for later. An expert technique. As techniques go, this round ball will have a very strong magnetic field. A lot like two refrigerator magnets that never connect because they repel each other. A field between those magnets keeps them from connecting. Except when you use a little effort to make the resistant magnets physically connect anyway. That is a lot like the idea of pushing that field onto hot, hot gas inside the round, smooth ball. The magnetic field would be so strong that it causes the atoms of the gas to fuse together, hence fusion. It creates energy that is clean and powerful.Read More »

Books and DVD to Digital Delivery

You have materials to share with others. Technology is available that is free or low-cost that can make this process much smoother by eliminating physical distribution methods. People will gain greater use of the materials and you will gain the ability to leverage the Web towards a much broader audience at a far lower cost.

Process Overview

Written materials are set as PDF files. Video files are set as MP4 files. People are going to access the PDF and the MP4 files from the Web. This will eliminate printing, shipping, disc duplication and in place of a less intense, high leverage activity. You upload the PDF and MP4 files to a website. People visit the website and view the information.Read More »

Protecting People without Meta-Data

What happens if one day, meta-data collection ceases forever and lives are at risk? On that day, some may look back and say the wrong decisions were made to end meta-data collection. Now consider that such collection continues on as it is believed to be the best insurance against national tragedy. Years go by, a tremendous treasury of memories of every action of each individual and group exists. Nothing. Calamities both large and small still occur. Why? Tools of investigation and protection are most potent when they are either unknown or unassailable. Meta-data collection is both known and assailable.

Those intending actual harm know what to avoid. As well, misinformation greatly degrades the effectiveness of such tools. Actual people are more effective in such instances. More globally, scenario planning is far more useful. What are the actual tools of destruction? Pondering that means seeking genuine safeguards in the form of regulation and oversight that will mitigate much that a mere accounting of activity would be hard pressed to address.

Trains can be derailed and cause destruction. Well, plan for that and maybe put in appropriate preventative suggestion to industry to abort such attempts. Chemical release that incapacitate. Where would such chemicals come from anyway? Supply chains are manageable. Power grid damage. What are the feasible ways that can happen anyway? Such access points can be governed for greater safety. They can be improved in ways that do not require a default position of suspicion.

One day, we may look back and see how much we could have done things differently. That day could be today. A day in which we returned to a presumption of innocence. That sentiment may be unrealistic in some ways, idealistic even. It is nonetheless, one of the many ideals near the center of the social contract writ large.

Massive Black Holes – Observing the End of All Things

Science has seen the Largest Eruption In the Known Universe Is ~100 Times the Size of Milky Way. A time in the future may see an eruption of this magnitude visit this neighborhood. All investments in space colonies, defenses against meteor impacts, and the extension of lifespan undone in an instant. Science has observed things large enough to overwhelm living spaces. Nothing physical lasts forever. Nature eventually restarts things at zero.Read More »