Keystone XL Pipeline Rejection

Oil and gas is a good industry that benefits many towns and cities and their inhabitants. Most of today’s cars, trucks, planes, and commercial machinery runs on the products of this industry. The result is most of modern life is made possible by the output from the oil and gas producers.

Personally, I would have no problem working in that industry. The economic benefits of migrating oil from the ground to practical application is clear. Outside of that scenario, I have wondered about the impact of oil and gas used to enable modern living. Will the economic benefits eventually fail in the face of the predicted dangers of using the liquid materials?Read More »


Bernie Sanders as President

The proposals he has outlined would definitely create jobs and boost the economy. I looked at them very briefly a month ago. Thought about the potential of his presidency. It would actually deliver if the proposals were enacted. He would also trigger a new positive cycle in consumption based economics. His ideas made reality would cost a lot of money … but we are spending a lot of money globally anyway. A bigger investment on the domestic front would see a bigger short-term return.Read More »

Bad Weather on Earth Due to Moon Mining

The idea of mining resources in outer space is growing. I once thought this was a good idea in terms of engineering. I am beginning to think it may not be a good idea when it comes to indirect impact on Earth. The problem is that we know environments are connected. Changes to woodlands and waterways here on Earth alters the ecosystem. That impacts living things. Intentional changes people make to environments have a cost. Sometimes the price future generations have to pay are not worth the benefits gained today.

Presidential Election 2016

Privacy, freedom and liberty are valuable conditions of living. Even if you are not doing anything wrong. Privacy is why we still wear clothes. Newly stated positions in favor of increased surveillance are not good. It may be inevitable that we will all be watched all the time, that still does not make it a good idea. Jobs and economics will be important as will better living conditions for people. Constant surveillance is not an acceptable price.