Bad Weather on Earth Due to Moon Mining

The idea of mining resources in outer space is growing. I once thought this was a good idea in terms of engineering. I am beginning to think it may not be a good idea when it comes to indirect impact on Earth. The problem is that we know environments are connected. Changes to woodlands and waterways here on Earth alters the ecosystem. That impacts living things. Intentional changes people make to environments have a cost. Sometimes the price future generations have to pay are not worth the benefits gained today.


Presidential Election 2016

Privacy, freedom and liberty are valuable conditions of living. Even if you are not doing anything wrong. Privacy is why we still wear clothes. Newly stated positions in favor of increased surveillance are not good. It may be inevitable that we will all be watched all the time, that still does not make it a good idea. Jobs and economics will be important as will better living conditions for people. Constant surveillance is not an acceptable price.

Copyright Eligibility of Software API

Written computer source code has to be translated into a format the computer can understand. That format, binary, is often outside the scope of review for copyright assignment. No one can really read binary and as an inherently mathematical description, is excluded from even patent provisions governing systems described mathematically.

Written computer source code is not a system but it is the input into a systematic process. That is its primary purpose for being. An API written in source code is intended to be translated into a system of use or as a method to teach and describe systems. Therefore, its purpose for being excludes it from copyright protection under section 102(b) of the copyright provision.

Brought to my attention in a comment on Ars Technica. A separate thought process does exist that calls into question the applicability of copyright to software API based on a principle of publication in terms of the cost of distribution and shared cost between publisher and author versus how that transpires in a more tangible medium.

Rather, the language of existing copyright provision declares the ineligibility of software API, and indeed all software, to copyright protection, at least in my reading of it. Everyone still puts copyright notices on their software but the intent of distributing software is to automatically share it without restriction except to ensure proper citation of the source of authorship.

Future of Energy is Magnetic

Leveraging magnetism to coax plasma to produce higher energy yields seems to be superior to even nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is great because it is static, produces a high yield but bears higher costs of operation and safety. The use of magnetism and plasma is much cleaner and you can account for safety in a more general way. What is truly great about this approach to energy is that it leverages nature. We are surrounded by natural fields that can be harnessed in this process and so this kind of energy production can become far more common. The best way to prepare for this type of energy is in the current efforts to reduce the consumption requirements of electronic devices and machines in general. Rather than pursue high energy output, this kind of technique may work well in an environment of low energy devices. At the same time, the fields can be used for communication and so you unify energy and communications to create higher overall efficiency. An attractive future with magnetic energy.