Who among us does not have ideas? When you go to michaelgautier.wordpress.com, you will find links to several other blogs that I maintain. I needed a catch-all blog for ideas that did not fit in any of the topical areas those blogs connote. I am not a fan of blogs that merge multiple topic areas as that can obscure navigation. On the other hand, there are only so many sub-blogs a person may be comfortable maintaining.

Professional Background

Most of my experience is in IT software described elsewhere. As someone accustomed to spawning virtual creations, I have a tendency to paint the whole world as a place where ideas can be born. Many ideas I perceive have no practical expression that I am aware. I think that is a common experience. We have ideas, but what do you do with them? In most cases, we think them and then move on. Thinking through ideas in a corporate environment and sifting out the ones that could be transformed into a systematic process is a fascinating endeavor. It becomes all the more rewarding when thoughts become action that produce valuable improvements.


The introduction probably gave the impression that all topics not defined in my other blogs go here. That is not the case. Book reviews, movies, eateries, and sports are not discussed as such. The focus is ideas. Specifically, ideas of a broad nature that may deal with multiple disciplines supporting a general concern such as society, technology, science, or health. The ideas presented are works of a personal nature not affiliated with any business in which I participate. The ideas are shared partly as a casual effort of publication.


I do believe in an open source way. Not that you give everything away. Good judgment is key. Rather, what you share is an investment on the principle of long-term reciprocal gain of better knowledge, insights, and capabilities. The blog is a small molecule, not even a drop, in the vast ocean of the Web supporting that sense of awareness. Open source is a long-term perspective.

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