Republicans vs. Democrats

Search the Web, and you will find millions of articles with this same title or something similar. My purpose in writing this is to disclose my own view of Republicans vs. Democrats. I once had a university professor who joking had a game each week he liked to call Republicans vs. Democrats. I won’t go into that, but his phrasing stuck with me.

I used to tell people that I didn’t have a view on politics. I still don’t. Politics isn’t my thing. Policy is more interesting. I can’t ignore that politics often leads to policy. I am independent, so I don’t affiliate with either party in discussion. I strive for neutrality because I don’t think following a massive crowd is a good way to stay the course a person may have personally conceived.

I have voted in national and state elections. As an independent person, I have voted for the person rather than a party. That seemed like the best course since it is the person who has to enact and pursue policy. Well, sometimes that does not go so well.

Voting is a gamble. No guarantees as to the true outcome. Party affiliation can be a guide as to the candidate’s beliefs and likely reactions to issues, situations, and opportunities. I still think it is a good idea to consider the person, but sometimes you cannot ignore the party platform and messages represented in media.

My basic impression is that the national level Republican Party is against the everyday person. That is the basic impression that comes across. Republicans will not accept any excuse that you failed in life due to circumstances outside your control. Republicans seem to believe in overt control and domination and gravitate towards top winners and winning situations. If you are not in either or both, you are not the true constituency.

Why do poor people and people who struggle or otherwise are not active beneficiaries of Republican policies vote for the party? I believe it is because many dream of being winners and masters according to the standards of the party and choosing the party is a way of pushing for that idea. Few have realized they have been left behind.

Modern Democrats seem to mean well and are more active champions of everyday people. Whether seniors who deserve to enjoy the promises to which they are entitled, or the working young and yet-to-be-retired participants of society, and separated from any path into sustained prosperity; the Democrats seem to strive with the people at large. Democrats are usually at the forefront of social causes that mean more to the broader society.

Democrats fail though when putting their heart into policy. The big failing of the Democrats, their weakness is putting forward policies that help while creating new problems. A huge problem for the Democrats is an out-sized trust in law and regulation or at least an unproductive view of it when such policies are enacted. Republicans then get an opportunity to sweep in and clean up because they are typically better at execution, but their approach is to create an introduction for those with greater power at the expense of everyday people. Democrats then need to figure out a more solid view of social theory that actually works when put into practice. Their philosophy needs a lot of tweaking to create something more people can understand, agree with to create more participants in collective liberation.

Anyway, both parties are odd in my opinion. I think the Democrats have the edge because they seem more for the people. Republicans represent an essentially authoritarian collective that lean towards power, control, and a winner take all, survival of the fittest ideology. Liberal policies often will endure except in major crisis situations in which that authoritarian view becomes more instantly appealing. That is why elections involving the two parties are never clear-cut. Many people would view Republicans instinctively as a just in case option based on pure survival instinct alone.


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