Bernie Sanders as President

The proposals he has outlined would definitely create jobs and boost the economy. I looked at them very briefly a month ago. Thought about the potential of his presidency. It would actually deliver if the proposals were enacted. He would also trigger a new positive cycle in consumption based economics. His ideas made reality would cost a lot of money … but we are spending a lot of money globally anyway. A bigger investment on the domestic front would see a bigger short-term return.

Ben Carson is also in favor of plans that would apply to all people. He seems to have thought through many of the issues. At a leadership level, his background in things that are complex could be an asset to the country.

All the candidates are good. Carly Fiorina has excellent views on poverty and the possibilities for turning that around. Donald Trump meanwhile has successfully understood the basis for the level of dissatisfaction that has surged among the electorate. He has the greatest chance to show the path from real skepticism to a believable, short-term turnaround that will mean something to those most affected by the slow, but intensifying decline of the last few decades.

The upcoming elections will be catalytic for where things go in the day-to-day. I don’t watch TV, I just check the summaries when I have time. What I gather is the road ahead for the candidates will be intense.


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