Leaving the Middle East

Former President George H.W. Bush did a noble thing in views he shared about America’s role in the Middle East. I used to watch him on TV many years ago when he was in office. That exposure influenced my view of the world at one time. The comments he gave are the greatest insight available that we should never have been in the Middle East to the extent seen in the first decade of the 21st Century. His statements can be both healing and instructional regarding the error of involvement in the Middle East. The point of view he expressed may be a foundation for a true recovery that fosters a better world situation founded in peace.


Republicans vs. Democrats

Search the Web, and you will find millions of articles with this same title or something similar. My purpose in writing this is to disclose my own view of Republicans vs. Democrats. I once had a university professor who joking had a game each week he liked to call Republicans vs. Democrats. I won’t go into that, but his phrasing stuck with me.

I used to tell people that I didn’t have a view on politics. I still don’t. Politics isn’t my thing. Policy is more interesting. I can’t ignore that politics often leads to policy. I am independent, so I don’t affiliate with either party in discussion. I strive for neutrality because I don’t think following a massive crowd is a good way to stay the course a person may have personally conceived.Read More »

Keystone XL Pipeline Rejection

Oil and gas is a good industry that benefits many towns and cities and their inhabitants. Most of today’s cars, trucks, planes, and commercial machinery runs on the products of this industry. The result is most of modern life is made possible by the output from the oil and gas producers.

Personally, I would have no problem working in that industry. The economic benefits of migrating oil from the ground to practical application is clear. Outside of that scenario, I have wondered about the impact of oil and gas used to enable modern living. Will the economic benefits eventually fail in the face of the predicted dangers of using the liquid materials?Read More »

Bernie Sanders as President

The proposals he has outlined would definitely create jobs and boost the economy. I looked at them very briefly a month ago. Thought about the potential of his presidency. It would actually deliver if the proposals were enacted. He would also trigger a new positive cycle in consumption based economics. His ideas made reality would cost a lot of money … but we are spending a lot of money globally anyway. A bigger investment on the domestic front would see a bigger short-term return.Read More »