Energy Fusion Ball

You have a round ball and inside this ball is nothing but air. The ball is smooth and round on the outside and hollow on the inside. Kind of like a Ferrero Rocher once you take out the candy center leaving the crunchy outside for later. An expert technique. As techniques go, this round ball will have a very strong magnetic field. A lot like two refrigerator magnets that never connect because they repel each other. A field between those magnets keeps them from connecting. Except when you use a little effort to make the resistant magnets physically connect anyway. That is a lot like the idea of pushing that field onto hot, hot gas inside the round, smooth ball. The magnetic field would be so strong that it causes the atoms of the gas to fuse together, hence fusion. It creates energy that is clean and powerful.

I believe the technique of the energy fusion ball will be the right approach. It is a streamlined way of gathering energy and it is one you can raise to larger scales. Kind of sounds like the sun. One day we may directly source the sun instead. I thought about that as I read, Has the Holy Grail of clean energy been found?


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