Books and DVD to Digital Delivery

You have materials to share with others. Technology is available that is free or low-cost that can make this process much smoother by eliminating physical distribution methods. People will gain greater use of the materials and you will gain the ability to leverage the Web towards a much broader audience at a far lower cost.

Process Overview

Written materials are set as PDF files. Video files are set as MP4 files. People are going to access the PDF and the MP4 files from the Web. This will eliminate printing, shipping, disc duplication and in place of a less intense, high leverage activity. You upload the PDF and MP4 files to a website. People visit the website and view the information.


Let us start with videos. A website called Youtube allows you to host videos for free. All you do is set up an account with Youtube, upload your videos, and they become available for people to view. As a marketing strategy, you can host a video collection for free and then have a separate list of videos that is premium content available for a fee. Youtube allows you to do subscriber channels in which people pay Youtube who passes the fees to you less their portion. Youtube is a division of Google, one of the largest Web resources.


Drive is the name of a service from Google where you can host documents. You setup a Google account and you have access to Drive. The same account works for Youtube as well. You upload your documents, organize them into folders, set the folders as public or private. This is an excellent way to share documents for free.

A website called Scribd is like Drive but allows you to host your content and provide it as paid content. The advantage of Scribd is it has a well-tested payment solution built right in. That eliminates any ambiguity in distributing content for a fee.

A Website

WordPress is an excellent way to start a web presence that is also accessible from mobile devices. You do not build a website, it is already built, you simply add content. WordPress is so quick and simple. It is visual clicks and button pushes. Nothing technical. The free version can be combined with Youtube where you link in videos from Youtube to the pages you setup on WordPress. Additional service plans are available from WordPress that allow you to take the solution further such as hosting your own videos or conduct sales with their payment solution.

Accessing These Services

Most of this, you can do for free. No cost. You can have a free website, free document website, and a free video website. Nothing is truly free so the way it works is, in exchange for saving you the cost of the service, a brief advertisement is shown each time a person visits the content. Know that I am not a fan of excessive advertisements but these services are not the worse offenders. You can try these services out for free and then convert over to the paid versions. Advertisements go away when you pay and you get more control over how it is defined yet at a lower cost to you than the physical alternative.


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