Massive Black Holes – Observing the End of All Things

Science has seen the Largest Eruption In the Known Universe Is ~100 Times the Size of Milky Way. A time in the future may see an eruption of this magnitude visit this neighborhood. All investments in space colonies, defenses against meteor impacts, and the extension of lifespan undone in an instant. Science has observed things large enough to overwhelm living spaces. Nothing physical lasts forever. Nature eventually restarts things at zero.Read More »


Altruism, Silicon Valley

Excellent article on meritocracy in Silicon Valley. Touches on issues of social darwinism and economic disparity as the result of so much largess that has been gathered in the Bay Area. Brutal stuff.

Improved Fuel Economy with Driverless Cars

A car that can operate in a fully automatic way may cut the weekly cost of fueling up. Whether fuel is provided free by third parties or come directly out of pocket, driverless cars may lower strain on energy infrastructure. A key feature that allows this is the cruise control nature of the vehicles. A driverless car is essentially a car that is more often on cruise control. This could lead to a better use of resources in operating vehicles and, at the end of the day, save each of us more money.

Tesla Cars in the Espresso Lane

A growing list of businesses are offering free, electric car charging in a move that could improve their bottom line while expanding the appeal and use of electric cars. The proposal is simple, you are waiting for your car to charge up while you browse products and services at the business offering the refueling. How would the growth in the transition to electric vehicles improve if say Tesla Motors joined with Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts?

Everywhere there was a major coffeehouse chain, there was also an opportunity to refuel your vehicle. It would be much like the situation today where you get free wi-fi with your drink. Baristas may experience a surge in connoisseurs of arabica with renewed interest in the public café. In this way, a broader embrace of electric vehicles may occur as their utility mingle with social convention.

Tesla’s Powerwall Could Improve Lives

Batteries for homes and businesses is a good idea. Tesla has a new solution called Powerwall. The news reports say it has a 10-year guarantee. That is a very good guarantee. There are two things I like about the idea. First, you could distribute out energy load in a home or business such that you even out energy cost. Second, you simply have substantial backup power in the event the grid is down due to over utilization or outside damage. People on life support or whose life depends on continuous availability of energy would be well served with this technology. This is not the first product of its kind but it may be the first to see widespread adoption and that could mean a great compliment to the light bulb in terms of improving living conditions in society.