What Nuclear War Looks Like in the 21st Century

Countries will not give up nuclear arsenal. They might have in the first decade of the 21st century. That was a window of opportunity to do things different. Counter insurgency warfare was going to replace regimental military practice with no collateral damage in the western half of the first world society. Former enemies would become collaborators in the global first world society as economic fortunes improved.Read More »


Another Approach to Transitioning Veterans into General Society

It seems that when members of the military leave the service, many stories unfold about the difficulties an ex-service member has in getting work or receiving assistance from the Veterans Administration. When you look at the many tragic stories, you wonder about the common thread. What is at the root of veteran struggles to transition from the service into civilian prosperity and what is a good solution?Read More »

Military Defense of Christian Communities

It is simple. Communities of people striving in a tolerant way, flaws and all, to live up to good moral principle should not be left to die. The ability exists to recover such communities to a place more in favor of such perspective. That means, to me, letting go of those world trouble spots simmering over in violence. Military action is not a solution in those circumstances. The condition of intense strife is a choice made in those areas of the world. The first world is not blameless in this. Regardless, at minimum, christian communities should be briefly defended and then fully relocated to safer lands.

See the article, Vatican backs using force against IS.

Ganymede’s Water Means a Good Future for Life

It seems that one of Jupiter’s Moons, Ganymede, has more water than all of Earth’s oceans put together. If that is true, it means that a highly abundant alternative source of water is available for use. The acquisition of this water could be quite expensive, but it could be part of strong industry in water transport and processing. Hydrogen fuel research could expand and the water on Ganymede could be useful to that end. As well, plans for manned Mars exploration and development may have just become more realistic with this huge source of water nearby.

Getting Science Right with LHC Run Two

Confirmation of the Higgs boson as a result of the experiments conducted on the LHC may have given some a sense that physics had reached its penultimate stage. Nothing could be further from the truth. The scientific groups behind the LHC are planning a bold initiative to break physics so they can learn more about what they don’t know. A consensus opinion that physics is settled, is asking for stagnation of the sciences and that is probably not what is expected. Another dimension to the reality of physics can be gleaned from this as well.Read More »