Develop Innovation Capacity

Innovation. A modern word. A catchall word many seek to realize in their efforts. Groups and people strive to produce or benefit from it. Innovation is something remarkably different that it creates new, beneficial possibilities. Successful innovation is emotional, not merely mechanical, because it has to relate in such a way to commit others to change what they are doing. Many innovations that are unsuccessfully adopted, though are innovations, are valuable scholarship on the way to successful innovation. What can be done to grow innovation capacity?Read More »


A 3rd Middle-East War Seems Likely, Except for Friendship

It seems a foregone conclusion that many from the West and the East will again meet in conflict in the areas in and around Iraq. The present strife on display there is observed as a risk that could spread to nations of first world status. Far less than half a decade may be tolerated to pass before urgent sentiment consummates into action. That is the visible cycle that leads to war. That is thought about what may transpire but not when.

Marie Harf had other ideas however. Her idea to recast the overall environment from which present strife springs is covered by Michael Tomasky. He concludes his article, Yes, I’ll Say It: Marie Harf Had a Point, with a stark scenario. The likelihood of the scenario he relates depends on the willingness and ability of those who can act to affect a different outcome.Read More »

Anticipating Population Change and Technological Productivity

One day in the future, people will have a chance to totally remake society. Some have believed that would occur in their lifetimes but that is not the point. George Friedman has written a book called The Next 100 Years. If the book is not accessible to you, he has a 5 page summary titled, Population Decline and the Great Economic Reversal, that you can read. The summary cogently expresses the broad outcomes of population and productivity among other things.Read More »