IoT, Invisible Technology and Living Your Life

What do we do about technology, privacy, security, begin connected but being at peace? Several voices have said that we are diminishing our ability to live in peace and quiet as an option. Other voices contend, that we are losing our freedom of choice because technology limits our freedom. Many have been embarrassed by unwanted leaks of compromising photos and conversations in social media. A few have expressed great skepticism. We are in the new times and it is a nightmare for some. It may be part of the collective identity. Let us not forget that technology does wonderful things in terms of instant communication, clean information, and vast number of capabilities unavailable in the past. What do we do about technology especially, as some has stated, the Internet may disappear?Read More »


Economics and Global Conflict

WWIII is not the answer to economic prosperity. I do not believe anyone is suggesting that, but it is understood that economic fortunes did rise in the aftermath of some cases of major global conflict. There is a better way. A way that is just as difficult as global conflict but one in which the outcome would be more sustainable. Clues exist in the speech by Dwight Eisenhower titled, “Chance for Peace“.

Climate Change Responsive Industry – Methane Hydrate Extraction

A recent CNN article talks about the real dangers of climate change. In simpler terms what I read about was climate change might go as follows:

  1. It starts getting real hot outside all the time.
  2. Billions of pieces of black dirt is just floating in the sky keeping in more sunlight heat on the earth.
  3. This black dirt, also known as carbon, just sits in the sky . . . adding up.
  4. The floating black dirt is a mirror you can’t see, but still traps sunlight in. Heating things up.
  5. At the bottom of the ocean, you have frozen methane.
  6. If it gets too hot from the black dirt, this frozen methane becomes the general methane.
  7. General methane gets in the air. Millions of pieces of it.
  8. More airborne methane makes the air hotter. That takes us back to point #6.
  9. People experience greater heat, more methane, and a destroyed living space.

What should be done about this? Habits should change that cause the accumulation of carbon. At the same time, it may make a tremendous amount of sense to harvest methane hydrates to create alternative hydrogen fuel for electric vehicles. Harvesting methane hydrates as an industry to expand other industries could solve several problems in one go.