Economic Revitalization of an Advanced Civilization

Imagine a significant jobs project that spanned centuries providing employment for generations. By combing concepts such as the Principles of Intelligent Urbanism as well as ideas from Constantinos Apostolou Doxiadis while enlisting the participation of building architects, civil engineers, scientists, and many other fields and disciplines, a new climate of prosperity could emerge if we put the ideas into action. With the right planning, a “ripple out effect” would occur in society in which several activities perpetuate others to produce unyielding economic progress. The result is an economic chain reaction of the sustainable kind.

The new situation is visualized at one of several macro levels. Consider the concept of the Post 21st Century City Cluster. City clusters are what some today refer to as counties or perhaps metropolitan areas. A city cluster is a collection of cities made up of Fusion Mega Cities unified by monorail both within each city and across all city clusters. Monorail replaces interstate highway and intercontinental flight. The city cluster groups cities together in order to better delineate social, environmental, and economic activity according to a higher standard of quality. Their existence produces intensified local economic activity while Read More »


A View Ahead

Opportunities are numerous to achieve greater success. Yet, they do not always come easy. Many worthwhile endeavors require hard work and perseverance.

Through dedication, effort transforms into preparation which then becomes an asset. The nature of our assets influence the odds of our success. Much of success is given to chance, yet the right assets may shift the weight of the scales in our direction.

During periods of rest, we may be seated at the table of accomplishment. New horizons and occasions to advance further remain in view. Prerequisites of earlier achievements are mastered.

As we rise higher, the advancing requirements become more dense. In earlier times we might have jumped head first. Today, we must leave the comfort of the table and prepare again.

By Michael Gautier

A Way Forward

The landscape of human endeavor is replete in products, services, and activities that enhance our lives, our businesses, and relationships. Time and again, however, we have seen the effects of the products, services, and perspectives on which great success has been founded to lack the elements necessary to sustain prosperity. During the occasions we experience protracted declining success, we often pause to consider how we may improve what we offer to society and in what ways technology and processes can be improved.

We do live on technology. As a catalyst to action and, at times, an active agent for change. More often technology is the way we channel our intentions and needs in communication, knowledge, resources, and personal satisfaction. Acquiring these things through technology has been a principle effort of our society, in all its forms, for many years. Today, we can see a wider payoff on the horizon. Benefits of our efforts include greater abundance of Read More »