Fast Enough Lightspeed

Newly discovered nearby planet could support life and that may be a better strategy than being locked up in a dome for the rest of your life on Mars. Propulsion systems are advancing well enough but you need more than man-made propulsion. Use the stars themselves for travel. The technology in 2018 is good enough to place a statistical analysis machine (sorry AI) onboard a spacecraft to calculate gravitational dynamics for progressive speedup. The concept is to calculate a path through the cosmos in such a way that the competing gravitational pull of celestial bodies is enough to yank a craft faster and faster towards the destination. Next, you simply have to figure out how to slow down, and how to set a path that doesn’t result in a crash. You wouldn’t send a human anyway, at first, but a rover that can confirm the conditions of the planet before you send people.


Catch Oumuamua

I think they should catch Oumuamua. Send explosive ordinance of sufficient magnitude to appropriate locations. Timed detonation. Cause the elongated asteroid to rotate to a vertical position. Inertial momentum would shift with the displacement causing a net slowdown. The purpose is to send machines to recover the metals from the asteroid as they could be very valuable. Metals that could have very useful applications here on Earth. Meet ‘Oumuamua, the first observed interstellar visitor to our solar system.

Dinosaurs and Temporal Stagnation

A more plausible explanation for the decline and disappearance of dinosaurs based on research. Not the final word, but interesting. Nature does not sustain the same forms in the same configuration indefinitely. Nature perpetuates change in structures, species, and people. Transformation is a process to better understand. Moments exist for steady adherence to form, but overall, a shift remains underway. People can contribute to this principle in increasingly meaningful ways.

Leaving the Middle East

Former President George H.W. Bush did a noble thing in views he shared about America’s role in the Middle East. I used to watch him on TV many years ago when he was in office. That exposure¬†influenced my view of the world at one time. The comments he gave are the greatest insight available that we should never have been in the Middle East to the extent seen in the first decade of the 21st Century. His statements can be both healing and instructional regarding the error of involvement in the Middle East. The point of view he expressed may be a¬†foundation for a true recovery that fosters a better world situation founded in peace.

Republicans vs. Democrats

Search the Web, and you will find millions of articles with this same title or something similar. My purpose in writing this is to disclose my own view of Republicans vs. Democrats. I once had a university professor who joking had a game each week he liked to call Republicans vs. Democrats. I won’t go into that, but his phrasing stuck with me.

I used to tell people that I didn’t have a view on politics. I still don’t. Politics isn’t my thing. Policy is more interesting. I can’t ignore that politics often leads to policy. I am independent, so I don’t affiliate with either party in discussion. I strive for neutrality because I don’t think following a massive crowd is a good way to stay the course a person may have personally conceived.Read More »